Do You Want to Start Your Own Home Based Business Online?

So you want to start your very own home based business online, the question is where do you start? To a large degree this will depend upon your existing skill set. So if you know how to build websites or are skilled with graphics or have a knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) you might well want to start some service based business.However for most people looking to have their own home based business online it is likely that you wont have these skill sets and are looking to start from scratch. If you are in this position you are likely to be bombarded by numerous opportunities and although well meant, will lead to the killer of more online businesses than anything else, the dreaded information overload.That’s right the thing that you would imagine would provide you with the right education, kills the business because of too much choice and too much conflicting information.There are many types of online business models, these include:1. People who have had success in certain areas such as AdSense, AdWords, CPA marketing and then become product vendors based upon their own case studies.2. Then there are others who make money online from having a series of sites that they monetize through AdSense and affiliate products.3. Resale rights, or resell rights products along side Private label rights also provide a solid business model and often use affiliates to drive traffic to their sites and hence leverage the efforts of others.4. And of course their is affiliate marketing, that normally consists of business models surrounding the use of review sites or squeeze pages.The above represents a simplified summary of the types of home based business you can have online and within each of them there are variations on the business model used and the promotional models employed.Without a shadow of a doubt the most common model for people to start with when coming online for the first time surrounds the world of affiliate marketing. There are some distinct advantages to this home based business model in that you don’t have the expense and time issues in creating a product, or the support issues for that matter. As far as the product vendor is concerned you have one job and that is to drive traffic to their particular site and offer.Although in its simplest terms this is true, in reality you should never send your hard earned and worked for traffic to the vendors site! No you want to maximize the effectiveness of this traffic and ensure you have the opportunity to harvest it to your advantage and no one else’s.The common link in any and every business model mentioned or not is that of list building. You see all smart marketers realize the importance of having their own list, not only because of its marketing potential, but because it allows for leverage with other marketers online.

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